This is a place to record my thoughts about programming, so that they can be manipulated and turned into actionable items.

  • I like lists
    • but nested lists are difficult to manage, particularly once they get two or three levels deep
  • This is a search. There may not be a single answer, but something should turn up.
  • The ultimate programming is unavoidable; it is a case of accepting it or being destroyed.
  • There is only one type of programming: forming a model of how the world works, then acting to steer the world into the desired outcome
  • Computers are useful for both of the above tasks, since they are designed to be able to emulate formal systems as well as to control devices
  • Thus there are two goals, and only two goals:
    • Determine where the world may be steered
    • Carrying out this steering
  • The difficulty is in doing both at once; it is not necessarily impossible.
  • Everything else is distraction, and must be put aside. The manner of doing so, of course, is dependent on one’s model of the world.