I always worry about what license to release a new language under. There are too many licenses and not enough languages. (or maybe I have that backwards?)

A summary of some licenses:

  •  GPL
    • My language is so unique and powerful that only open-source programmers should be able to use it.
    • My language is complete enough that you won’t need proprietary programs.
    • Beg and plead with me, and I might give you a better license
    • I will eat your children!
  • LGPL
    • You can use my language, but don’t expect support unless you’re contributing.
    • yadda yadda yadda
  • BSD
    • I don’t care what you do
    • This project doesn’t do much…
    • etc.
    • I don’t care what you do.
    • Do it.
  • CC-BY-SA
    • What? Some weird person…
    • My software, use it if you want
  • CC0
    • free stuff!

I still don’t know which one I want…