It was Saturday morning, and Joe Programmer hopped out of his bed and
got onto his computer. It booted up instantly, as usual, greeting him
with a smiley face (as configured) and the latest interesting tidbits.
"What?" Joe exclaimed. "Bill made a trillion dollars off his latest
program? I need to get to work!"

Joe took a sheet from his "list of programs to be reimplemented in
Mathnerd314's programming language", and went to work.

"Hmm", he said, "this uses one of those Java/C# hybrids. I really hate
that crap. Good thing it's guaranteed bug-free. I don't get paid to fix

Whistling, he went to work, mostly just typing back in the code, until
he came to a place with a base class and a few derived classes. "This
one's a puzzler," he said. "The derived classes don't override any of
the getters of the original class, but there's an overriden method that
doesn't call its parent! This won't work at all for Mathnerd314's
language, where both the base class method *and* the derived method are
called at once."

He IRC'd Mathnerd314, and explained the problem. "Oh, your universe is
impossible," said Mathnerd314.

Joe, and his problem with Mathnerd314's language, promptly ceased to exist.

The End